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Jayde Barrett

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Anonymous asked: How come you are moving to Leeds ?

Leeds is a great city, my boyfriend lives there, there’s opportunities, art galleries, lots of young people. I always think you should surround yourself with the things that you love, it’s the easiest way to be happy. It’s a bit of an adventure :)

Anonymous asked: Where do you get your necklaces? They're flawless!

Umm I just buy them when I see them, there’s no one place really! Lots of them we’re gifts too, thank you though! X

Anonymous asked: How tall are you??

Not very haha! I’m about 5’3 at a push x

I just got Depop + put a load of clothes up! Have a look at my closet some things are £5 bc I love u 😘 go go go I’m saving for an adventure 🍃🌎✈

Ahhh check out this awesome painting @carolynbuch did of me! I’m so flattered, she’s such a talented lady! Everyone needs to go and check out her illustrations and give her a follow - show some loveee 😍😘💕

Anonymous asked: What's your insta?? :)


Anonymous asked: Do you stick to a particular diet/way of eating, and do you exercise a lot?

Not really, I try to eat clean foods and replace some things with healthier things but no more than most people I guess. I don’t really exercise, I do some yoga and I try to walk whenever I can :)

Anonymous asked: What's your boyfriend like?

He’s tacky and I hate him xo

benjaminbates asked: Your Instagram is amazing 😊 x

Thank you sweetie 😊 x


Anonymous asked: How can anyone be so beautiful? U r perfect to me.

Aw kind stranger, thank you so much I’m very flattered you think so, have a swell day xoxox



Anonymous asked: Can I ask what font your title is in? I really love it

I’ve had a look but it doesnt tell me anywhere, its just preset to my theme :/