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Anonymous asked: What's your insta?? :)


Anonymous asked: Do you stick to a particular diet/way of eating, and do you exercise a lot?

Not really, I try to eat clean foods and replace some things with healthier things but no more than most people I guess. I don’t really exercise, I do some yoga and I try to walk whenever I can :)

Anonymous asked: What's your boyfriend like?

He’s tacky and I hate him xo

benjaminbates asked: Your Instagram is amazing 😊 x

Thank you sweetie 😊 x


Anonymous asked: How can anyone be so beautiful? U r perfect to me.

Aw kind stranger, thank you so much I’m very flattered you think so, have a swell day xoxox



Anonymous asked: Can I ask what font your title is in? I really love it

I’ve had a look but it doesnt tell me anywhere, its just preset to my theme :/ 


what, bitch?